what’s New In Southradios App?

We are very unhappy about the number of our user’s tough behavior towards our management team and through emails,
Kindly understand,
1) you are not compensating any monthly subscription service for this app – It’s not a paid application – It’s free to Air App.

2) It’s a live streaming Radio application – Apart from Application Design nothing stored in this application such as no songs, or no playlist in the app.

3) Any Live streaming radio – even if you shuffle twice a day, it’s very hard to avoid repeated songs the reason is All our radios are working through radio automation software.

4) We treat every radio as a separate station – no connection between radios – no clue what song already played in Radio A, What’s We going to listen through Radio B

5) Please understand It’s not an on-demand content paid app – the only option to avoid repeated songs use on-demand paid monthly subscription apps – Read carefully Repeated songs hard to avoid through live streaming automation,

through the free air app, we don’t have permission to broadcast all the available songs in the industry,

6) What’s the meaning of On Demand content – you can create your playlist, you can also listen to the song you wish to listen to at any time – Such as Gaana / Spotify / Jio Saavan

7) if you still not understand about repeated song issue Kindly please watch this video

Due to this pandemic we are struggling to keep up this service under free to air service ,
We only need your support as review 
Your review & ratings only boost up our business, 
Kindly please provide your valuable feedback with 5**** ratings

Let’s Break all the mysteries about the Southrados app, Here we bring you more information and ideas to use our app seamlessly. Nothing like rocket science, a basic app that plays your favorite Southradios’s radio and all the other Tamil radios in one app. We discussed why we use ads. Industry Standard Feature Casting / Bluetooth and much more So, please watch it till the end, you can understand our App and us still better.

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