Now More 3D Radios – Unbeatable Audio Enchancement

Dear Valuable Listeners,
As We promised Last month,
Yes We have spent over 45,000 US Dollars to improve our exclusive southradios stations audio quality ,
Now your most favorable – Top Trending Radios in unbeatable audio quality , 1st time in Tamil online Radio history with your massive support Yes We have made it,
1) Puradsifm – Now in Dolby Audio ( this will only work – you can only feel the difference with latest hits and late 90’s Audio hits )
2) Rahmaniyam – 3D
3) Raajankam – 3D
4) SPB Radio – 3D
5) Tamil 90S Hits Radio – 3D
6) Tamil 80S Hits Radio – 3D
7) Golden Southradios – 3D
8) Rajah Melody Radio – 3D
9) Kadhal Radio – 3D
10) Tamil 2K Radio – 3D
11) Bakthi Radio – 3D

As the above mentioned radios are directly out from our main studio consoles and following exactly FM Radio broadcasting technology and using high quality German Made audio equipment’s for better audio enhancements  and Many more to come…

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* We only have control over our exclusive Southradios and Tab Radios stations, We listed more than 500 plus radios in our app, which does not belong to us,

Thank you