Release Notes IOS

Attention IOS Listeners,

Having issue, after updating the  App? Please close your app, restart your mobile and re open your app,

* We only have control over our exclusive Southradios and HD Tab Radios stations, We listed more than 500 radios in our app, which does not belong to us,

some times any 3rd party radios can be offline, due to server failure or Electricity down or internet down  “When you see server down – Report to southradios” message ( we can only address this issue to particular radio provider) , Please do not forget to share the station detail in your email. 

Version 4.6.5  Released 27th March 2022 , Eastern standard time.

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Most awaited – 2022 Update
* Privacy Policy updated – Must review and read from full page player
* GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act Updated
* Completer layout changed – to provide better user experience * App Loading Issue Fixed
* Podcast tab layout updated
* Easy to access menu bar moved from top to bottom
* Introducing
1)Service desk support – Feedback – option with quick response
2) Newly added category to bring latest station directory updates

* Don’t forget to leave your valuable feedback through rate and review options,
* Thank you So much for keep supporting us
 How to Update My App – Simply Exit From Here, Go to Apple Store – Search Southradios – Press Update or
 Delete your current App, Go to Apple Store – Download Or Click Here To Update