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Click START button to check the Internet speed test. This Internet speedometer shows only the downloading Bandwidth test speed of the Internet connection. The analog speedometer shows the speed of Downloading and also Uploading internet bandwidth test speed. Analog speedometer will open in another site.


This is a Internet connection Bandwidth test speedometer to find the internet connection speed. This Internet speed test or Bandwidth test Internet speedometer is absolutely Free to know internet connection speed.

You can find your internet connection's data transfer speed by using Bandwidth test Internet speedometer. While you are checking the Internet speed test by our digital Internet Speedometer, avoid to use other works on Internet.

For first time Digital speedometer while Internet speed test may show error values. So kindly do second time Internet speed test or bandwidth test by click on "start" button of the Digital speedometer.

If you want to test upload and download bandwidth test of the internet connection, please use analog speedometer.It will open in a different site. It may have more pop-up ads. block pop-up on your browser. Analog Internet speedometer is showing perfect speed or bandwidth test report. For slower Internet speed the analog speedometer will take long time to load the Bandwidth test Internet speedometer.

If you have any suggestion or feedback about this Internet speed test or Bandwidth test speedometer, please contact.

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